Sunday, March 26, 2017

Trade with CKBeber

I want to catch up on a trade I made with CKBeber on the Trading Card Database.

These fit nicely into my Stadium collection. Absolutely love them. 

More stadia. This time we have Exhibition Stadium and Wrigley Field. 
Pre-Renovation Oakland County Stadium and Pre-Lighting Wrigley show up as well.
Another favourite here is the Spaceship known as Olympic Stadium. 

The final 6. Every stadium in this group has either been extensively renovated to the point where they're unrecognizeable, or demolished. 
Well.. Except for Fenway. Fenway is Fenway. 

We have some set needs here. 1988 and 1989 Topps and 1992 Donruss made the trek. 
The 1989s are actually all from the Traded set. 

More set needs! 1990 Fleer and 1991 Donruss. 

The Dave Stieb Highlight card is a highlight of this pile. 

1991 Fleer. Those basically end the set needs I received. 

The rest of it was Jays, Expos, and Canadians. 
Kirk McCaskill ends up filling a need here. Mike Gardiner before becoming an Expo. 
I finally have a new Matt Stairs that I haven't seen before. This time, as a member of the A's

More Expos and Canadians. Corey Koskie shows up as a rookie here. Larry Walker in Colorado colours and Roger Clemens as a Jay. 

Matt Stairs as a Cub this time around. 

The Michael Barrett has a Willis Otanez sighting. 

Fergie Jenkins. I haven't seen this one before, but it's a nice one. 
Mike Sirotka was part of a trade that really worked against the Jays. David Wells wanted out of Toronto after a couple seasons in his return. The Jays ended up sending him to Chicago in return for Sirotka. Well, Sirotka was injured and ended up never playing for the Jays. 

Eric Cyr is another Canadian, this time representing Topps Total. 

Finally, horizontal cards and stickers. 
Aaron Myette is another Canadian.

Thank you for the trade!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Mini Mail-Bomb From Baseball Every Night

I feel so behind and so overwhelmed right now that I'm trying to work things to be more manageable. 

I have a couple trades I need to show, a "Pay it forward" style box sent, and the one I'm talking about today... 

Over on Baseball Every Night  Peter was trying to get rid of some cards he found in a binder. We've traded back and forth a few times, so I decided to claim some of the cards he had shown. (Go check him out.. He still has cards available from there!) 

Well, today I got them in the mail, along with a few 2017 Jays he had a while back. 

We have some 1990 Donruss I needed to help finish the set.. (Still working on it) 
A couple Randy Johnson Expos rookies also make their appearance here. The Fleer is one of many variations of that card. 

Apparently there are more variations than the 5 listed on the Database. This one is the Blacked out version. The reason for the blacking out is the sign is a stadium sign for Marlboro. Around the time the card was released, someone noticed the Marlboro sign in the background and took multiple attempts at blotting out the subliminal message they were sending. 
The one I have is the final "Blacked Out" version, which was in the factory sets. 

(More information is available HERE.

Some Fleer oddball cards to go along with some Expos I needed for the team sets. Oh.. What else is here? 

Billy Ripken makes an appearance. While 1989 Fleer is not a set I want to collect, nor is Baltimore a team I want to collect, I've wanted a variation of this card just to say I own it. Now, I'd still like to get the unedited version, but there's no rush on that by any stretch of the imagination.

Joey Votto makes an appearance here. George Bell in the Leaf version of 1987 Donruss. 
A couple minis and a 1983 Jeff Reardon were both needed for the collection. John Smoltz corrected version (There's a version of this card with Tom Glavine on it) and the corrected Frank Thomas rookie also make appearances. 

The completionist in me will be driven crazy by the fact that I will never own a Frank Thomas rookie error card, but at the same time.. Going on the one copy on ebay, I have better things to spend 50+ grand (Canadian) on than a piece of cardboard missing information. 

Well, that and I don't even make that in two years lol. 

Finally, a couple 2017 Jays to go along with the other 2017 Jays he sent. These were the horizontal cards though, so they get scanned separately. 

The Kevin Pillar is actually a gold parallel, serial numbered to 2017. 

As much as I like the action shot they used for Pillar, I think it should be illegal for Topps to NOT show Pillar climbing a wall to make a catch, or diving headlong to make a catch. 

One of the Jays announcers, (I honestly don't remember who) called him "Kevin 'I Catch Everything' Pillar" 

Anyway, thank you Peter for the cards! They have definitely found a loving home here. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Well, Well, Well.. What Do we Have Here?

This week has been killer. Charters plus my regular school runs. Didn't get home till 8 last night. (Normally get home around 6) 

But greeting me tonight was a wonderful envelope from COMC.. 

My Birthday Present to myself came in early! (My birthday is in 9 days) 

So as I mentioned in the post mentioning I bought these, It's a number of OPC cards. 

A nice dent into the 1977 OPC Jays collection here. 
I have to say I like the photography in the OPC cards better than the Topps.. Of the ones here, it looks like really only Dave Hilton and Rick Cerone are airbrushed. 

John Lowenstein has the note "Traded to Cleveland Indians Mar 29/77"

I just noticed I bought two Gary Woods cards by mistake.. I only needed one.. OOPS.. I'm sure a fellow Jays fan will be the beneficiary of my silliness..

Leon Hooten didn't actually play for the Jays. He was released at the end of Spring Training 1977. 
Bob Bailor is another airbrush.

The second Dave McKay is NOT a mistake.. The second one goes into the Canadians binder. 
A pair of John Hiller cards as well. The 1980 is the OPC version. 

Finally, a closer to modern card. 1992 Topps All Stars Joe Carter/Barry Bonds. 

One hit a very famous home run, one is famous for hitting MANY home runs. As it stands, neither are in the Hall of Fame (Though Joe IS in the Canadian Baseball HOF and Bonds should be in Cooperstown) 

So that was my birthday present to myself when it comes to cards.. I may pick up the baseball sim Out of the Park 18 when it releases tomorrow on Steam. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Catching Up Again

Tomorrow I go back to my normal routine of driving. March Break is over 

What isn't over, however, is the mountain of stuff I got from CrazieJoe. 

Everything from him I'm highlighting is from the 2005 UD Classics set.. I just picked what caught my eye..

Jack Clark, I really caught him at the end of his career when he was basically a first baseman. 
Jack Morris went on to pitch for the Jays after his stint in Minnesota and was the first 20 game winner in Toronto. Him and Dave Stieb were generally lumped as two of the best pitchers in the 80s. 
Keith Hernandez.. I just like that uniform. I don't know why.. 

Another Fergie for the set.. 
Frank Howard with the weird glasses/flip sunglasses that almost look like swim goggles. 

I'm a sucker for pictures with throwback uniforms.. Love the Gibby here...
Phil Niekro wearing the old Atlanta Braves uniforms before going back to the more traditional ones in the 80s. 

I remember reading about Ralph Kiner leaving Pittsburgh. Basically the Owner/GM said "We can finish in last place just as easily without him as with him"
Rollie Fingers as a Brewer. He grew the handlebar mustache as a result of Athletics owner Charlie Finley offering $250 to any of his players who grew facial hair. It stuck.. 
It's odd seeing Sparky Anderson in a Reds uniform. I know he was there before he managed the Tigers. Just don't see many with him as a Red.

A Yankee player without the interlocking NY on their chest. You can't see it in the scan, but the pinstripes are there, at least.
Warren Spahn, one half of Boston's "Spahn and Sain and pray for rain" rotation.
Lyman Bostock was cut short in his career, and really, his life. He played four seasons in the Major Leagues before being shot and killed in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. 

It's been mentioned elsewhere, but Chris at The Pedestrian Collector opened a bunch of 2017 Heritage. He kindly offered the duplicates to those who wanted them as part of a giveaway. 

I made a comment on a Buyback card he received and I ended up getting it, plus.. 

Jays.. Glorious Jays! Even though one of them isn't around anymore (Thank you, Edwin's Agent...)

Jays, Canadians, and Canadian Jays here. I was surprised to get the Lawrie card, but knowing he's Canadian, Chris sent it off to me as well. Thank you! 
That said, I need a second copy of the Martin for the Canadians binder lol
Manny Lee asking me to rediscover 1986... No thanks, though I may sort-of-but-not-really collect it.. 

Michael Saunders is now a Phillie. (Best of luck to you there)
Here, he's a Jay.. Again because of the Canadian angle, I'll still be looking for one more. 
Hopefully Marco Estrada's back issues are *ahem* behind him....

And this one was a complete shock. I wasn't expecting anything beyond what I showed with the Heritage. But along side them was this beautiful Cordero card. 

Thank you again, Chris!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Box Part 3

Today... Today comes some good and some not as good.. 

One of my least favourite sets has to be the 1986 Topps set.. It looks like it was 10 years too late in design. To me it's more 70s than 80s. 

That said.. I'm a collector at heart.

This may end up being one of those sets I don't actively collect.
Candy Maldonado as a Dodger. Gene Mauch as Angels manager. Brook Jacoby as an Indian. 

There are some names here I recognize, some I don't. 
Don Mattingly, Rollie Fingers, Ted Simmons, Dan Pasqua, and Joe Carter.

There is a future Jay in Frank Wills and a former Jay in Jorge Orta here. 
Bill Russell namaged the Dodgers for a couple seasons after Tommy Lasorda was done. 
I also recognize Bob Welch and know the names of Tom Herr and Dave LaPoint.

Bruce Hurst and Mike Marshall are the only ones who ring a bell here. 

Now we get a set I want to collect. The Upper Deck Classics set from 2005.. I've seen these come up in CrazieJoe's blog and loved them.. 
There's a nice mix of players here too, with Bob Gibson and Bob Feller, Bill Russell, Billy and Babe Herman..

Another nice batch of players here.

Interesting fact: Early Wynn did radio broadcasts for the Jays from 1977-1980 with Tom Cheek. 

That's it for today.. I think in my next post, I'll post (since I still have a stack of those 2005 UD beauties) the ones that grab my eye so I can take care of some other stuff that came across my doorstep.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Box Part 2

After a long... LONG day yesterday (and even got a trade package in that I'll cover later) I'm back today to continue the Box of CrazieJoe.. 

But before I do that... I feel dumb... Had a couple trades going with members on the Trading Card Database and I ended up sending the packages to the wrong people... One has offered to pass them along to the intended recipient, but I'm still beating myself up over it, since I'm me.. 

Lots of 1990 Score here. Andre Dawson is always a nice sight, even in the Cubs pinstripes. 
I always remember Rob Deer for having a .179 average one year as a regular player. I don't remember if it was with Milwaukee or with Detroit. 

Griffey, Sosa, and not much else in the Name department here. Though we do have George Bell's brother. 

Phil Stephenson showing off the Padres pinstripes.. 
The Boggs, Clark, and Scott are the Dream Team cards. They're rather interesting. 
Some minor league cards as well with a Bison and a Red Sock from Rhode Island. 

An Edmonton Trapper, a Portland Beaver, and a Canton-Akron Indian make up the top row.. 
Hmmm I wonder if the Edmonton Trappers caught the Portland Beavers that year? (I know.. Bad... )
Baby Jays! Well, really mostly Chiefs, but all Jays farmhands. 

The fun thing about the minor league cards is it'll either be of someone you heard of, someone you think you might have seen, or someone you have no clue who they are. I'm not afraid to admit these Jays I have no clue who they are.. 

Some 1989 Donruss. It's funny, some Donruss years I love, some I hate.. This one was closer to the dislike side of things. I don't know what it is about them.. 

So that's it for today.. Tomorrow will cover my version of Peter K Steinberg's 1995 Fleer.. B

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Box Part 1

Not too long ago, Fellow Blogger, Canadian, and Trading Card Database member CrazieJoe contacted me about whether or not I wanted to do a box trade. I said sure. 

In the last couple days, a wonderfully wrapped box came to my doorstep.. Removing the paper and I was left with this 

What could be in this box of wonders? Could part of this be a healthy start to my own collection of the Upper Deck Classics set? What else is there? 

So because of the amount of stuff that ended up coming out of this, I'll be breaking it up into a couple posts. 

So without further ado and Chris Jericho's prodding, I'm going to Show it off, mannnnnnnnnnn!

Some 1990s here, including some 1992 Score to help with my unofficial collection of them. 
A later career Randy Johnson also graces me with its presence. 
1995 Score was one I both liked and didn't like at the same time, if that makes sense. 

Hall of Famer in Wrong Uniform Alert! Tim Raines in anything but an Expos uniform is just wrong. Almost like Andre Dawson in a Marlins or Red Sox Uniform. 
Darrin Jackson as a member of the Padres as well. He was not one of the better trades by the Jays. He was horrible for the Jays, but brought Tony Fernandez back when he was traded to the Mets.
1991 Upper Deck makes an appearance here as well. Sean Berry before Montreal and a Brewer I never heard of. 

More 1991 Upper Deck. I've always liked the checklists they made with the artwork for each team. Almost like a combination of a checklist and the Diamond Kings cards from Donruss. 

The man responsible for draft picks needing to spend a year with the organization that drafts them (if they sign) in Pete Incaviglia. He was drafted by the Expos and did not like the fact that they wanted to send him to the minors. He sulked and demanded a trade if he signed. 
We have a few batting poses here, though I'm not sure what Sam Horn has in mind... 

Fleer Logo stickers.. More Checklists! Reggie Jackson!

When I was first starting collecting, I loved the Baseball Heroes card but never really got far with trying to collect them. Upper Deck was rather expensive for me at the time, so.. 

The final batch for today is more 1990 Upper Deck and some 1990 Score. A Pro Set Hockey card also makes an appearance in Gordie Howe. 

That was the first look.. What will tomorrow bring??
(We'll have to see if I can post anything tomorrow.. Work may get in the way on March Break lol)