Sunday, September 17, 2017

I'm Still Around.. Sort of... Maybe...

Well, as anyone who reads this knows, I'm a school bus driver. 
It's fun going to different places with groups on charters and I find doing the school run enjoyable.

But this year, there's been a lot of stress.

Since I started, I've had one run.. I've been working there for over a year. I started April 29, 2015. So calendar years, I've been there for a year and a half.. School wise, a year and two months. 

This year, because of issues with a car seat not fitting in the style of bus I can drive, I had to give up my run. I built a rapport with the kids on my run. I didn't want to give it up, especially for something like that.. But, I'm on another run at the same school. If something happens that allows either the car seat to work in my bus, or the car seat gets eliminated by whatever means, I can have my run back.

So there's that..

Then there's a lack of money that the off-season brings for a bus driver. Most collect Employment Insurance, basically a program where the employee and employer pay into that the employee can collect from during layoff/lack of work. I, however, am on Welfare. As a result, I cannot collect EI.. 

Now, on Welfare, I report my earnings to the Social Services office here in Peterborough. They deduct what I make using a formula and I get a statement at the end of the month. Well, August... I got $6.75 I scrambled for rent.. I scrambled for food... The Dispatcher I liked left and a new one came in.. I owed for a charter.... 

September came... I got enough from OW for half my rent.. Then I got told they were deducting money from my pay to cover the charter I owed for, and it was happening over two pays... 
My last pay was $98..

Scrambled for half the rent.. Trying to get money for my bus pass.. Trying to get money for food.. Trying to get money to mail off the trade parcels I owe people...

I can't remember if it was last week or this week when I posted on Twitter that I wasn't in the mindset to write.. I want to explain that...

Because of everything right now, I'm feeling like a horrible failure of a person. I hate making people wait for their packages and I just feel that people remember these things and will decide to never trade with me again. I berate myself for things like that. 

I even had a trade partner offer to send me money for postage if it'd help.. It took me 20 minutes to write out that I would only feel comfortable accepting if I paid them back when I had money. 

I know there are a couple other bloggers out there in our circle that deal with anxiety and depression.. I don't know if they go through the same internal struggle that I've just put down.. I just feel like I needed to explain what's going on right now.. 

I get paid on the 22nd.. I'll be sending out trade parcels then.. I feel horrible for making everyone wait that long. It's one of those things where I don't even care if I get negative feedback for it. If anything that would reaffirm what I've been telling myself these past two weeks.. 

And now, Tim Johnson... Just because.. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Back to School... Back to Work... Back to Baseball

So today was the first day back to work for me, being a bus driver. The route is different this year, but a lot of the same kids. It wasn't too bad.. 

Speaking of September, Peter, Fan of Strawberry and Kruk, Hater of all things 1995 Fleer, and generally good guy to trade with, had a post where he had a stuff up for grabs.. He was getting ready to send the remainder off to charity, so he put a Last Call out.. 

I found a few I needed... 

I got them today.. 

Because I'm using my scanner as a table right now for stacks of cards, I just grabbed the card images from the TCDB... 

First is a Mike Thurman Four Sport card.
Thurman was an Expos draft pick, so he made his way to my collection..

1991 Fleer.. The Blinding Sun set... 
How appropriate that one of the cards is an Astros player?

1990 Fleer! One step closer...

Back when Triple Play was useful.. Though I think I like the 1993 set better, I had more access to the 1992 set... So that's what I collect. 

1992 Score.. It's a set I'm kinda sorta unofficially collecting. I like the set, but it's not one that I see myself completing.. 
Then again, I rarely see myself completing sets.. lol 

Finally, 1993 Fleer.. I love the 1992 and 1993 sets.. 

Thanks again, Peter!! The cards shall find a loving place in my collections. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Trade and Something Unearthed from my Collection

While I keep saying I want to reorganize my collection, I keep getting trade requests on the Trading Card Database.. And silly me, rather than saying "Can we hold on for a couple weeks while I verify everything again?" I keep hitting that accept button (after going through and making sure I have the cards the person wants) 

Of course, an added wrinkle of a light cash flow right now makes it tougher for me to get packages out.. (Next week, I hope!!!) 

All that said, I received a package in the mail from one of those partners. jlcre2003 sent a nice little pile of cards..

Some 1989 cards for the set. I think a couple might be for the team binders, though I'm not sure.. 

More 1989s! I miss those Team Leaders cards.. 
There's a Batrack card as well disguised as a Don Mattingly card. 
I was never really a fan of the Expos red uniforms.. Much like I don't care for the Jays' red uniform. 

One of these was a Cincinnati Reds minor leaguer card.. I had to get it though, just for the guy's name... Motor-Boat Jones... Dude never made it above Double A. He's Pictured here as a Chattanooga Lookout, but it's one of those evocative Minor League Names.. 
Two of the other minor league cards here have guys we've seen in the Majors: Chris Carpenter and Ugueth Urbina. 

El Duque as an Expo????? You'd think I'd remember this.... 
Turns out... Yes.. He was an Expo.. He was traded by the White Sox with Rocky Biddle and Jeff Liefer for a minor leaguer and Bartolo Colon. The reason I don't remember him as an Expo? He was injured the whole 2003 season, when he was on the team. He had a couple outings in Brevard County, but was a Free Agent after the season. 
Some Fan (ugh) Favorites.. (Sorry.. That looks odd) 
Devon White! Kelly Gruber! Tim Raines! Gary Carter! Though, that Gruber looks weird since they didn't wear that style uniform in 1992.. 
Jason Phillips is a Phantom Jay... Shown as a Dodger, but the logos show Jays.. 

Diamond Kings.. Love them.
Some 1988 Topps I needed as well. 
It's odd seeing "Denny" Martinez, though that's what he went by for years... 

Some 1989 Score cards here.. Mainly Expos, but a couple Jays I needed and a Kirk McCaskill. 

Some more 1989 Topps cards. Rob Ducey, I think is the second of three I need. 
Every time I see Ernie Whitt, I think of the parody song "Arrivederci Baltimore" done on one of the Blue Jays Albums in the late 80s and early 90s.. 
"Whitt gets hits/Kelly Gruber spits/Who's these twits?/And we'll say Baltimore!"
(Of course, Baltimore is pronounced in the same style of "That's Amore")

A final batch of 1989s.. Again, I think some are for the team/Canadians binder, but I'll figure out that soon enough..

Now, On Twitter I showed off a card I found that my parents got me years ago..

Well, today I brought out something else I have lying around in my room and scanned.. 

It's a 10 metal card set by Classic honouring Nolan Ryan's career. According to the Certificate of Authenticity, I got set 4458/14950

I thought these were cool. My parents got them for me in the 1990s. I don't remember where we got them from, but I think it was something mail order.. 

That's it for today... I might have more to show tomorrow.. I have a couple things I want to show off, so... I may do that with a Bus Driving Adventure I had earlier this week...