Monday, April 16, 2018

More Catching Up on Trades

Today was a snow day for me, as the Wintry Hell doesn't seem to want to go away.. 
All weekend we had freezing rain.. Today we had snow and rain. Somehow, I wouldn't be surprised to find I'm not working tomorrow too.. 
Anyway... Enough of that.. Baseball cards! Sunshine! 

I have four acquisitions to show today. 

The first is from TCDB member forester7.

1989 Donruss. It's one of those sets that's grown on me.. Kind of like a fungus. 
These were for the most part second copies for my team binders. I think some made it to the set.. 
Jeff Musselman at quick glance, reminds me of Alberto Del Rio. 

1990 Score. I think all of those ended in the set aside from Mark Gardner. I may need a second copy of that Candlestick card for my stadium card collection. 

Can't go wrong with Leaf. I really liked the designs they used. 
1991 O Pee Chee also shows up. The giveaway is the "Now with Expos" on the Calderon card. 

Ahhh OPC when OPC would have their brand where Topps goes. 
A couple 1989 Score and another 90 Score with Yount. 

1991 Studio! I absolutely love those early Studio sets. They gave some insight into the person behind the stats. Yes, they did give a written breakdown of the guy's career, but where else would you find out in 1991 Dwight Gooden liked fishing and Nintendo??

1992 Ultra. Another set I really like the look of.. It's one of those that was heavily influenced by Stadium Club, I feel, with the full bleed photos and foil stamping. 

More Ultra and some 1993 Pinnacle. I loved the 1992 Pinnacle set but it was expensive when I was younger and hard to find. 1993 was impossible to find. So now I'm retroactively trying to complete both. 

The second one came via a blog post and email. This one came from Ryan at

Some recent Jays including a red Stroman rookie card. Paul Molitor as a Jay. Some nice Encarnacions as well. 

Tom Underwood buyback! I believe in the TCDB filing, it's classified as the year the card was originally issued, but notate the buyback part. 
Those Museum Collection cards are interesting. 

The third package is from TCDB member pezNpirates.

Four cards from the Young Superstars or something from Score. They had Young Superstars, Rising Stars, and a few others around that time. 
I don't think you can really say any of them became "Superstars" though. 

Stadium Club. The first couple years were hard to tell apart from the other. Coupled in with the "Stadium" set they put out and it was sometimes tough to figure out what you had. 

Some more Jays and Expos here, along with a Kirk McCaskill. 

Aren't they lovely? I really have nothing else to say about them that others haven't said repeatedly. 

The Final Package was from Therion on the Team Collectors Forum. 

2013 Hometown Heroes Jesse Barfield. I believe this is the "Zipcode" variation. Of course, because Canada, they have the leaf and ON for Ontario.
The only thing about this card though... It seems like Panini took a Barfield Yankees away photo and threw it on this card. 

The Marco Estrada Red Dagger variation! 
It was nice to see these. 

Thanks to all who traded with me

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Another Surprise in the Mail

The same day I received the package from First Row Collectibles, I also received one from Erek, who I follow on Twitter @ediddy416

He had a few things that he thought I'd like so he sent them off to me. 

Some recent year Jays.. The last couple years between just not wanting to go to Walmart and not having the money to get in the window they're available, 2016 and 2017 were not very well represented in my collection. 

Some 2018 rookies. 
I think he had the Urena card available and I mentioned I wanted it. It was either the Urena or Rowley.. I can't remember. Either way I have both 

Finally, the full 1993 Toronto Blue Jays Fire Safety set. 
Absolutely love seeing these. They have all the players from the team, plus the coaches.
We also have a mix of Spring Training and season shots here. 

Thanks for the cards!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

First Row Collectibles Trade and Extras

About mid March I made a trade with Curtis from First Row Collectibles. Between having to wait to mail out and Easter, it took a little longer to get than normal. I sent him a bunch of old wrestling cards and some hockey and in return, he sent me a nice batch of cards I wanted.. 
I mentioned to him that the 1st was my birthday and he threw in a little extra for it. 

One of the few times I've been happy to see a Tim's card.. lol 
Haven't seen a Toronto themed one before, so it was nice to get this one. As an added bonus, it came unloaded, so I won't forget about it, spend it, and leave it.. lol 

Let's see if I remember what I asked for in return and what was thrown in. 
I believe I asked for the Greene and the Delgado cards aside from the Bowman's Best.. 
The Best were throw ins and... Aside from the weird numbering on them... They're... Different..
Again, Paul Molitor as a Jay is a little strange. Carter and Alomar, though.. Not strange at all. 

I asked for the Pompey, Alford, and Fullmer autos shown. I can't remember if I asked for the Martins or if he threw them in. The Halladay cards were throw ins. 
Halladay as a Phillie is another strange sight. 

Joey Votto! Clarence Gaston! Paul Molitor in more familiar togs. 
The Rangers team set is from 1978. I needed it for the set. 

It's interesting.. Cito Gaston didn't start being called Cito on cards until he was coaching/managing in Toronto. During his playing days it was always Clarence. I just find that interesting. I wonder why the change. 

Anyway.. I wanted to thank Curtis at First Row Collectibles. I really enjoy dealing with him and interacting with him on Twitter. 

You can follow him there.. @FirstRowCollect
His website is

Check him out!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Night Owl Surprises

I received a package from everyone's favourite Night Owl last week. 
Opened it up and it had a little note "Happy Spring/Start of Baseball Season! Enjoy!"

Of course, being Night Owl, there were cards.. Glorious cards.. 

Bowman will almost always be an automatic need, since I basically ignored Bowman due to the number of parallels.
The Score Young Superstars cards were nice to get since I needed these for the Jays Binder. I have them in the sets already.
Oh Henry! Some shiny ones too.. Pinnacle going all Topps Finest here. Same with Donruss, actually. 

Jeremy Lee was drafted by the Jays in 1993 at 18. He was done baseball by 1998. 
Turner Ward is a Jays card in disguise. He's in an Indians uniform, but had been acquired by Toronto. 
I find it funny that people don't feel the 1990 Classic is as retina searing as the 1991 Fleer set is. Though it's almost a 1991 Fleer/1990 Donruss hybrid. 
The Donaldson in the corner is a parallel.. Thank you for mentioning that on the penny sleeve. I likely wouldn't have known. 

Finally, some Heritage Jays. Both these guys were walking injuries last year.. Hoping this year turns out differently for them. Sanchez can definitely help the rotation. 

Thank you Night Owl!! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Twitter Trade

I recently completed a trade through Twitter with Jenny Miller. She was looking for some top loaders and penny sleeves and offered cards in return. 

I sent off a bunch of sleeves and top loaders to her and I received cards! What a great concept!

Some Jays over the years. 
Oddly enough, I didn't have the Cecil Fielder OPC.
Saunders is going into the Jays binder. Though I think the set might be one I don't work on anymore, so it could sit in the Canadians binder. 

Delino DeShields!
Fred McGriff!
Alex Gonzalez. 
Nice batch of cards here. 

Finally, some Heritage. 

Thanks for the trade! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Birthday Post Part 2

Well, last post was about the purchase I made from Dave and Adams.. 
Update: They returned my email. They don't have the cards to replace, unfortunately. They're offering store credit or a refund. I want to keep the set and maybe find the missing cards on COMC or on eBay or something. So maybe a partial credit or something? I don't know.. 

Anyway... I also bought cards from COMC. 

They came in around the same time as the D&A order. 

A Jeff Heath reprint. A Canadian player from the same city I was born in. It's from BLC in 1985. 
I always love getting cards like this. I also appreciate how his cards are relatively inexpensive on COMC. I generally have the mindset that anything before 1975 is too expensive for me. 

A Tommy Hutton Hostess card from 1978. These are really cool. If you look though, there's a lot of bright blue in this photo. Blue skies, blue uniform... Blue eyes... 

This looks like it was part of a panel, with the perforations on the side. According to the TCDB, it's from the 2009 World Baseball Classic, and was released as part of a panel for a promo. There's also a Justin Morneau card that I need to find. 

Speaking of Canadians, a couple new Larry Walker cards. 
The top one is one of those Collector's Choice In-set-subsets.. (I miss those, rather than the 160000 inserts and variations we have now)
The bottom is a second copy of a 1993 Diamond Kings card.. I love them. I have always loved the Diamond Kings cards. 

And with this card, my 1992 Topps needs are done.. Well, for the base cards anyway. 
Steve Wilson Base and Gold Winners. 

This one is interesting. Fleer mixed up these two cards. On the back of the Nigel Wilson card is a writeup for Darrell Whitmore. 
Darrell Whitmore's card has Nigel Wilson's writeup.. So I bought both. 

A couple more Wilsons, these from Bowman. 
He had the regular card and foil card in the same set. 
Can I throw in this: I miss those uniforms. 

Nigel as a member of the Edmonton Trappers. They were the AAA team for the Marlins at the time. 
Really, nothing like being at the other end of a different country from the Major League team you play for.. Just a mere 3000 miles away.. 

Some 1995 Fleer cards. These are all inserts. 
League Leaders and All Stars here. Ken Hill and Pat Hentgen. 

Headliners Joe Carter card. 
This was a rather interesting one. 
The back mentioned he was the first to have 3 consecutive 100 RBI seasons for three different teams. 

A Fergie Jenkins card from 1967. This was a nice one to get, and relatively inexpensive at $6.15 USD on COMC. 
It is off centred, but I'm not too worried about that. It's a nice addition to the collection. 

A more modern card. This one is from 2013, and is from the Panini Cooperstown Collection set. International Play.
It's an interesting design, but at the same time, I don't know if I really like how much room the flag takes up. But it's a way to get around copyright, so...

Remember earlier how I said cards before 1975 I tend to believe the cards are too expensive for me?
Well, I found two for under $20 each. This is the second one, obviously. 

I had never thought I'd have this card in my collection. It was something I just resigned myself to never having a copy of, because in my mind, a card from 1966 of a Hall of Fame player I could never afford it. 

I found it for $18.75 on COMC. I jumped at picking it up. 

Those were my purchases.. I still have a trade to go over, as well as a surprise mailday.. 

Monday, March 26, 2018

Birthday Post Part 1

Well, my birthday is this Sunday coming up. 

I'll be turning 40. 

I decided to buy myself a few small things since I had the extra money to do so.. 

The first one I want to show off is the 2011 In The Game Canadiana set. 
I bought it from Dave And Adams. It was shipped quickly and received great. The only problem, and something I've been in contact with them about, is that there were two cards missing from the set. 

The set covers all aspects of Canadian history. Sports, entertainment, politics, and more. 
Billy Bishop was a World War I flying ace, for example. He now has a couple airports in Canada named after him. 
Bat Masterson is Canadian. 

Fergie Jenkins has to be in this set. 
Fay Wray was born in Canada. She was one of the first "Scream Queens"
Banting and Best discovered insulin. 

Mad Dog Vachon makes the set for being a rather famous pro wrestler. 
Jean Belliveau played for the Canadiens. 
James Naismith invented the game of basketball.
John Diefenbaker was the 13th Prime Minister of Canada. He created the Canadian Bill of Rights in 1960, which allowed First Nations peoples to vote. 

John Molson is the founder of the Molson Brewing Company. 
Larry Walker shouldn't be a surprise. 
Laura Secord is said to have walked 20 miles through the woods to let the British know about an American attack during the War of 1812. 

Louis Riel founded the Province of Manitoba and led two rebellions against the Canadian Government. 
Manon Rheaume was the first female to play in NHL exhibition games. 
Maurice Richard really needs no introduction to hockey fans/historians. 

Pamela Anderson shows up in the set. 
Patrick Roy was a Hall of Fame Goalie for the Canadiens and Avalanche. 
Pierre Trudeau is the father of our current Prime Minister, Justin. He also introduced the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. 

Rich Little is an impressionist who apparently annoyed Johnny Carson.
Rene Levesque was a politician who brought the Separatist movement to the fore in Quebec. 

Sir Sandford Fleming. There is a College named after Fleming here in Peterborough. If I'm not mistaken, he spent some of his life here in town. 
Fleming is known for suggesting and implementing Standard Time. 
Terry Puhl is another baseball player that made the list.. I believe he's the third and final baseball player.
Timothy Eaton was the founder of Eaton's. It started as a department store with a mail order component. It became a nationwide chain that kept the mail order component until the company went under. 
Terry Fox lost his leg to Cancer, so he decided he was going to run across Canada to bring awareness and try to raise money to find a cure. 
The "Marathon of Hope" ended in Thunder Bay, when his cancer returned. There is now a statue and a tourist information centre outside Thunder Bay. 

Another couple wrestlers here with Trish Stratus and Whipper Billy Watson. 
William Shatner is fairly well known for a cult show. I believe it was called Star Trek..
Yvonne De Carlo ended up being on The Munsters. 

So as I mentioned, there were two cards missing. Those were Jeff Healey and Stompin' Tom Connors. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking through these. I'll have my COMC order up next post.