Monday, November 13, 2017

Trade Catch Up Part 2.

Today I'm going to cover two other packages I received 

Before I do so though, I just want to say that today is the first time in a long while that I actually feel like myself. No anxiety-induced dry heaves this morning.. Just a headache.. lol But I feel good now.

Anyway, onto the cards

The first one I'm covering is from Kin, who uses the TCDB ID IndyBean. 

Stadium Club has always been an elusive set. When I lived back home in Terrace Bay, I had Donruss available at the convenience store. The stores in Thunder Bay had Fleer and Score mainly. The one card shop I found had some packs, but I don't remember what they were. 

Compared to the 1991 base set, Stadium Club was completely different. Now I'd love to see Topps do Heritage or Archives in retro card stock rather than just retro designs. 

1986 Topps.. When I decided to half-heartedly collect the 1986 set, I needed to get another copy of the Jays and Expos. Here we are.. :) 

Second trade came from WallyCub on the TCDB.

1991s. Fleer and Donruss will go into the sets.. I believe the Topps Stieb was needed for the binder. 

I really like the old Studio cards. The first few years they were something completely different than the norm.. Eventually they became like other sets with full stats on the back, rather than things like Pet Peeves, etc. 

Some later year cards as well. 

Thanks for the trades! 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Catching up on Trades

I have a couple trades I need to catch up on. Today I want to cover a parcel that I received from John, who had previously sent me a bunch of Lansing Lugnuts stuff. 

He had sent me a cube of cards.. Since I'm in the process of sorting again, some of them may end up being duplicates, but I won't know for a while yet.. 

A 1974 Reggie Cleveland that I had been looking at for a while, and found in a trade list on TCDB and couldn't remember where when it disappeared.. Turned out it was John, who had it and sent it out. 
The Fergie Jenkins 1983 Fleer I had ended up getting from First Row Collectibles but hadn't put it in my collection yet.. So I have two. Oops.. lol 
Barry Bonds slides right into the 1990 Topps set

Recent Topps (I can't remember the year those are from, but I'm trying to put that set together)
1992 Fleer Ultra.. Another one I've been putting together. 

I'm reasonably sure these are all needs. 

Joey Votto and Jason Bay will fit nicely into the Canadians binder. 

Some Erik Bedard and Justin Morneau. 2015 is another set I've been working on.. A lot of these are the Update set, which.. Really.. If I'm going to collect the set, I'll collect the update as well.. 

Just not the 3000000 parallels.. 

A bunch of 2015s.. Looking forward to getting to them when I finally get past the early 1990s.. 

Thanks for the cards, John! I've got something set aside for you that I'll be sending out shortly. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Roy Halladay

I came home tonight to the news that Roy Halladay had died today in a plane crash. 

As a Blue Jays fan, he was a very important part of some not so great teams. 

In a way, I don't know what to say, mainly because of the amount of loss we see in the news on a daily basis.. 

I don't think I need to go over his accomplishments in baseball. We know what he's done. Now, my thoughts are with his family. 

Rest in Peace, Doc. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Repacks Because I Can Part 3

Another day, another repack.. 

A lot of 88s and 89s here, though that Barlow was a nice one to get.. I already had it, though, so.. 
Mark Belanger also shows up here. 

Schwindenhammer makes another appearance. 
It's funny, one comment on yesterday's post was asking about the BJ Upton Goudey card.. Well... Here's another one!
It does look like Pat Mahomes is scratching his head about it though, the way I scanned them. 

A John Kruk.. I wonder if Peter at Baseball Every Night needs that one.. Or wants another one.. 
Speaking of that... I'm almost tempted to get a bunch of Strawberry and Kruk cards, send it to him, calling it a box of Strawberry Kruk... *rimshot*

Another Ray Lankford! Think Presstine was trying to get rid of them?? lol 
Buck Martinez makes an appearance.. I'm tempted to keep this one just to send it next summer to get autographed. Maybe I'll keep a Tabler as well.. 
Ed Goodson was a 78 I needed, so that makes the collection. 

Mike Willis is another one I already had.. I think most of the ones here are either trade bait or cards I didn't need, therefore trade bait.. lol 

A Willie McCovey Fleer Greats card.. I looked it up on TCDB, and they did four sets of these. 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2004.. The ones I've gotten are from the 2004 set. 

Hey! A Ryan Braun card where his eyes aren't trying to escape his head!

I'm debating whether or not to do the fourth one tomorrow, or try to write something else up.. All depends on how I feel tomorrow, I guess. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Repacks Because I Can: Part 2

The second of four repacks I bought. 

I actually needed the Phillies Team Leaders from the 1989 set. 
There is a lot of Ray Lankford 1992 Topps in these particular repacks. 

A couple Jays I'm pretty sure I didn't have before. Bowman you can never tell.. 

Another Babe Herman Fleer Greats card.. Might look into it further. 

Justin Verlander Stadium Club!
Yet another Lankford.. I told you there were a lot of them.. I think I have four or five of them.. 

Not really much to say about these ones..