Sunday, July 16, 2017


Well, I needed to get some stuff today and rather than going all over the city using transit, I went to WalMart. One thing I picked up was a repack. The Spring Fever repacks are still sitting here, so I bought one. 

Basically the rest of what was available was Series 1 and 2 of flagship and some packs of Bowman Platinum. Since I'm not overly sure if I want to collect the flagship set and Bowman doesn't interest me... Repack it was!

I believe these are 2013.. I included one of the ads that were inserted in with the cards. The other side was an ad for the Big League Minis. 

A former, a current, and a future Jay all here. 
Former in Travis Snider. I know there were many people upset when Snider was traded because they felt he could have been a good player.. 
Current for the time, Sergio Santos was one of those guys that would either be really good.. Or really really bad.. He hasn't pitched professionally since 2015 according to Baseball Reference 
Josh Donaldson shows off at Third as an A..

OOps.. I guess I put two of them in.. lol.. Same side too.. 
I had never seen the Chipz before.. 
Lyle Overbay makes an appearance as an Angry Jay.. 

Some 2008 Topps.. This time it is a Rookie Cup contest.. 
"Help Select the Topps 50th Anniversary All Time All Rookie Team and win a chance for a Player's replica trophy!"
A future Jay in Mark Buehrle and a former Expo in Chad Tracy. I find it interesting that Topps used "D-Backs" on the card for the Team name. 

Upper Deck Masterpieces.. I have to say I love the cards and it would be a set I'd consider collecting if I could ever find them.. 
Anthony Gose and Mark DeRosa make appearances as Jays here. 
Lonnie Chisenhall in a throwback uniform. For a while I was considering collecting cards with players in Throwback/Negro Leagues Tribute uniforms, but like stadium cards, they're hard to find easily. 

I know that Morneau is a duplicate. 
I find it interesting how the last name doesn't show on the 2012 scans. I think it's due to the silver reflecting too much.. 
Jason Frasor makes an appearance.. I forgot he was a Ranger.. Or should I say a Texas?
Danny Valencia here as well.. Almost looks like he's throwing over to Morneau, no? 

Hey a Josh Hamilton rookie card.. lol 
We're into the 2007 Upper Deck now.. It's a set I don't mind, but at the same time, not really one I want to collect. If that makes any sense whatsoever..

Upper Deck X.. I had a couple of these, but never saw a pack before. The Braun is one of those raised edge cards. The Cust beside it is a die-cut card.. 

Koji Uehara rookie card.. I forgot he was an Oriole.. 
The Seager thing on the end was an extra "chase" card separate from the packs in the box. One side is Seager, the other is Gary Sanchez. 

Aside from the Jays these cards will be up for grabs.. 

If you see something that catches your interest... Let me know! We can work out something I'm sure.. 

OH... One more thing.. There was one more pack in the box.. It was a Panini Triple Play... I checked to see what was in it and basically threw it out right away.. Because nobody really wants to see them.. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

1993 Donruss McDonald's

1993 was an interesting year in Canada. 
1993 brought the first female Prime Minister to Canada. Kim Campbell became PM when Brian Mulroney resigned. 
By the end of the year, she was replaced with Jean Cretien, who won a majority government. 

Music was released by Shania Twain, Spirit of the West, Lawrence Gowan, Bryan Adams, Big Sugar, The Band, Crash Test Dummies, I Mother Earth, Rush, The Tea Party, and Great Big Sea. 

The Last time the Stanley Cup was won by a Canadian team was 1993, when the Montreal Canadiens won the Cup. Canadiens fans still talk about it.. 

Ben Johnson was permanently banned from international competition. 
Gary Bettman became commissioner of the NHL. 

Oh yeah... One more sport related thing: 

The Jays won their second consecutive World Series. 

What does all this have to do with the topic?? 

1993 was also the year McDonald's put out sets for the Jays and Expos, both produced by Donruss. 

I'm sure I've featured some of these before, but why not again?

The release I knew about were these. Toronto Blue Jays Great Moments. 
They cover things ranging from the World Series win, to Gruber's cycle, to the 10 Home Run game, to the first Division Title in 1985. 

Further into the set, it goes into recap mode about the 1992 Series. 

More recap from the Series, including Pat Borders winning MVP. 
And what would a Postseason be without Joe Carter jumping around?

The last part of the set is a group of cards of players from the 1993 team. 
Dick Schofield broke his arm within the first month of the season, allowing the Jays to eventually bring in Tony Fernandez for the second of four tours with the Jays.
Darrin Jackson was the bait. He had some health issues that year and generally played badly. 

I wanted to highlight the backs for a moment. In a way, you can tell this was an outside-Quebec release because French is nowhere to be found. 

The back of the player cards look much like the back of the 1993 base. 


A set I didn't know about when I was younger. I found out about this set through the TCDB. 

Donruss Montreal Expos 25th Anniversary. 

I know I've featured these on my blog before, including how many of each I had as duplicates. I've now updated them on the TCDB as well. 

With this set, it goes through the stars for the Expos in their first 25 years. 
It also has three manager cards, possibly the three best managers in Montreal history: Gene Mauch, Buck Rodgers, and Felipe Alou. 

Unlike the Jays release, this one is in both official languages, with French first. I imagine this was released in Quebec and the Maritimes. 

Oddly enough, this set features a player who was born in France in Charlie Lea, and a Quebecker in Claude Raymond. 

I came across these today in my organization and wanted to write about them again.. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Purchase from a Different Source

Earlier this year I bit the bullet and made a couple purchases from COMC. Until then I had been weary of it because internet. 

Well, I was to the point where I needed one card to complete the 1984 OPC set.. And it was never showing up on COMC.. So someone directed me to Just Commons. I hadn't realized I'd been there before and had set up an account, but I found the card and placed it in my check out. Then I saw shipping would be $9 for a 17 cent card.. So I decided to get more.. 

A few Terry Puhl. I got two of the 1978s because of the two different collections. Some 1980 Expos I needed and a Fergie Jenkins. 
The Bill Atkinson is actually for the Canadians binder, since he's from Chatham, ON as well. 

Some 1981s I needed to get closer to completion. What's left for it are a few star cards like Raines and Jenkins. The only non-star I need is Dave McKay.

I really like those team cards.  

This was a bit of a surprise. I bought the 1984 Topps Puhl because I needed it. 

This is the back. 

I think I got the Tiffany version, since this back matches the Tiffany versions I looked at online. 

More Puhl. This time OPC and Donruss. It's interesting. On the back of the Donruss cards, for 1982 and 1983, they have his middle name spelled Stephan. In 1984, it's Stephen. I looked on Baseball Reference, it's spelled Stephen. So... Yeah.. Something interesting I guess.. 

Oh what's this?? George Bell 1984 O Pee Chee.. The set is complete! 

1992 OPC Premier. I figured I'd grab some of these as well. It's a set I'm working on, but not really, if that makes sense. 

More Premier.. 
2005 Upper Deck Classics is a set I found through CrazieJoe's Santa Lot. I love this set and am tyring to complete it. 

So between this and the COMC purchase I made, I ended up getting four George Bell UD Classics cards. 
So, I have two available if someone needs them.. 
I also got two Joe Carter 

The last bunch are the last of the classics I picked up.. Now it's the short printed Retro Rookies and Davey Lopes that I need for this set. 

I also picked up the Kelloggs 3D Superstar Terry Puhl just because. Tequila Sunrise in 3D!

So that was my first purchase through Just Commons. I'll likely order again in the fall once I'm back to regular work. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

COMC Purchase Part 2

July is getting slightly easier for me to write. Still dealing with a lot of anxiety and tiredness, but it's all stuff that will be better once I actually get finished with it.. 

Anyway.. Today I want to show off the Leaf I picked up. 

Well, I now have two copies of the Leaf version of the Alomar rookie. I'm almost tempted to keep both. At the same time, if someone needs it, let me know.. 
One difference between the Donruss and Leaf sets were the Canadian Greats cards. There's a Jay and an Expo each year. In 1988 it was Bell and Wallach. 

The Diamond Kings are interesting in the way that the only way you can tell between the Donruss and Leaf versions is to look at the back and see the French paragraph. 
A Pre-Andro Mark McGwire and Carlton Fisk are probably the highlights here. 

In the late 80s and early 90s, the Variety Club in Toronto released music albums for the Toronto Blue Jays. There would be a few original songs, but most were parodies of real songs. 
I mention this because one, Arrivederci Baltimore, a parody of That's Amore, has the following line:
"A DH Named Rance/And you don't stand a chance/Baltimore"
I may have also mentioned that Rance is probably my least favourite Jay alongside Frank Catalanotto. 

It's interesting and completely unintentional that some of the lines match up with the card beside. 

I really have nothing else to say about these.. 

With these cards, I am two short of finishing the set.. 

Cards 209 (A checklist)
222 Ted Simmons

I hope to find these sometime soon. I've become rather obsessed with finishing sets recently. Prior to the 1987 Topps and a couple other small sets I've finished, I've only ever bought full sets.

Next Post will be about a different purchase I made, and how it helps out a couple sets I'm trying to finish

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A COMC Purchase

Getting a large purchase through COMC seemed to be the perfect time to rummage through my collection and verify what I have is what I have.. 

Just to keep what little of my sanity I have remaining, I'm doing this reorganization company by company. 
Topps (Without Bowman)
Leaf (Canadian Donruss version)
OPC (including the single card I have from Upper Deck)
Leaf (The Premium Brand released in the 90s)
Upper Deck

This will likely take me a while. I don't really mind though.

Anyway, I want to show off the first portion I've just completed: Topps

Some 1970s cards here. Expos and Canadians mainly. 
I realized afterwards that I need to get a second copy of the 1973 Leading Firemen card, since one is an Expo, and the other is a Canadian. 
Dave McKay is a second one for the Canadians binder. I already had it for the team set.. 

More 1970s and then into the 90s. 
I found out about Dave Pagan being Canadian through one of the blogs (I can't remember who... Help!) 
The Woods/Mejias/Gross/Asselstine is a second copy I needed for the Expos binder
Check out that Fleer sticker in the middle! 1977 in full show off mode there.
Topps Black Gold to finish off this scan. I got two of the Walkers, one for the Expos, one for the Canadians. 

Here are some Bowman cards scanned as well. 
The Michael Barrett card has a bit of a story.. I ended up getting two copies because they were stuck together in the sleeve. I contacted COMC about it and they ended up letting me keep both, offering compensation to the seller. I imagine if it was a more expensive card than 33 cents, the outcome would be different, but even still I couldn't keep it without letting them know. 

Some 2000s Topps. 

I'll be covering some of the other cards I got in this purchase as I get through them.. The Leaf (Canadian) will be easy since it's only 1988 I'm worried about.

And to my American Friends, Happy Fourth of July!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day

Today is the 150th anniversary of Confederation. 
I don't think I'll be featuring a card today, but a couple videos

This is called "Canada is Really Big" by a group called the Arrogant Worms. 
They do a few different songs about Canada.

"Forgive us, We're Canadian"
"Rocks and Trees"
"We Are the Beaver"
"Proud to be Canadian"
"Me Like Hockey"
"The Mounted Animal Nature Trail"
"When Canada Rules The World"
"The Canadian Crisis Song"
"The Mountie Song"

This was actually a commercial for a beer.. 
Molson Canadian.
Really when it comes to national pride, this is one of the commercials we point to..

And of course, to tie in with a baseball blog...

The Toronto Blue Jays from the mid 1990s singing "This Land is Your Land" 

Another one of the "I Am Canadian" series. 

This is the final one..

The Royal Canadian Air Farce spoofed the first "I Am Canadian" commercial..
Mike From Canmore was one of my favourite characters, so I had to feature it here.

We will be back to regular programming soon enough. Enjoy your weekend, be it July 1 or July 4

Monday, June 26, 2017

Adventures in Bus Driving and a Package from Peter

I've mentioned a couple times here and on Twitter that this month has been busy for me for work. 
The last month of school, a lot of classes try to cram trips in so we get a lot of charters. 

So today is a little catch all.. 

This was the Lakefield Farmer's Market. 
It's much smaller than either one held in Peterborough, but still interesting. There was a guy selling kettle corn, another selling pulled pork tacos, another selling jams, and more. 

It was a rather warm day and the group ended up leaving early because of it. 

The above batch is from this past Saturday. 
There was a golf tournament at Peterborough Golf and Country Club that had something to do with the police's work on eliminating childhood cancers. 

The group I brought up did some drum line accompaniment for the police and cyclers as they got to the golf course. I took the pictures from my bus in the parking lot of the high school across the street. 

Today I brought a group to a place called Escape Maze. This really was just a farm near Peterborough. I didn't stay around so I just took the one picture. 

Well, with that out of the way, Baseball Cards!!

I took part in the Series 2 box break put on by Peter at Baseball Every Night.
Naturally, I scooped the Jays.. 

I love the 1987 set, but I think I'm getting to the point where it's getting too much.. Topps has been bludgeoning the horse too much.. It's almost dead... 

Earlier he had some Heritage he wanted to get rid of.. There were a couple Jays cards he put aside for me before even offering them. With not writing too much lately, I hadn't had a chance to show them off.. So two birds with one stone today. 

Thanks, Peter for the cards.. I will square up with you on Friday. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Blog Bat Around: Origin of Your Player Collections

I have a little extra energy tonight, so I figured I'd write out something quickly on here. 

Eamus Catuli! and its owner, P-Town Tom, put out a question to the Blogosphere. That question is:
What is the reason you collect the players you collect?

Well, for baseball it's fairly straightforward. 
I collect Canadian born players aside from Jays and Expos. 

Now, in there I have to mention that there are a couple Canadian-identifying players (Parents were Canadian, born in US) that I've been collecting/thinking about collecting. 

I started collecting Reimer before Freeman, obviously. I read about Reimer in a book about Canadian Baseball in the 1990s. 

Freeman is a more recent decision. It was made easier with him playing on Team Canada for the WBC this spring. 

Fergie is a rather obvious choice, I think. The only Canadian-born Hall of Fame member. His rookie card isn't overly insane to buy either. Well, the ones asking $50+ might be too rich for my blood, but I could get one for $12.75. Not bad for a card from 1966.

Morneau is another fairly obvious one, I think. As is Walker below. 
Kirk McCaskill is a Canadian by birth only, really. He was born in Kapuskasing, but identifies as an American. 

So these are some of the baseball player collections I have. There are more, but I'm not going to cover all of them.. Basically, it's Canadian born players I collect. 

Hockey is slightly different.. There were two players from my hometown of Terrace Bay, Ontario to have cards made. 

Charlie Simmer and Aaron MacKenzie are both from Terrace Bay. 

So that's why I collect who I collect..